The BEST Marketing Investment You Can Make

By Kimberly Alford Rice
Kimberly Alford Rice is principal of KLA Marketing Associates (, a business development advisory firm focusing on legal services which was recently named Best of 2012 by The Legal Intelligencer. As a law marketing authority, Kimberly helps law firms and lawyers develop practical business development and marketing strategies which lead directly to new clients and increased revenue. Additionally, Kimberly provides career management services to lawyers in transition. She may be reached at (609) 458-0415 or via email at

There we all were again at the holidays, rushing to wrap up 2013 with a stronger P&L than last year, and wondering how we can make magic again in 2014. And, oh yeah, remembering to actually enjoy that most wonderful time of the year.

With all the potential for stress, I offer this: Set your mind and resolve to make every day of 2014 count toward building a more prosperous and fulfilling practice. Yes, you can make that happen.

The Best Investment

Despite all the challenges, frustrations and stress which can be associated with practicing law, there are things you can control and that is how you invest your time. I would challenge you to make the best marketing investment by investing in yourself!

What does that look like?
Actionable Steps You Can Take

• Calendar in at least one or two calls per week to contacts with whom you have not spoken in at least three months to check in on their business, your business, reminding them that you always appreciate referrals, etc.

• If you are not active in an industry group and/or your local bar association, make a commitment to become involved in at least one outside activity where either qualified targeted prospects and/or referral sources will be. You cannot build a practice if you are not cultivating new relationships.

• Register for a professional coaching “check up” to gain outside insights into what you may be missing and/or could be doing better in attracting and growing your practice.

• Devise concrete ways to expand your referral source network, those who so graciously send business your way. Did you reciprocate appropriately in 2013? How can you do a better job in 2014?

• If you have a roster full of clients, are you receiving as much work from them as you could? Do you even know? Perhaps either engaging in a client interview (depending on the size of the company client) or making a special point of having that conversation with at least five good clients would be a fruitful exercise. But, what would you ask and are you the best person to do that to gain honest answers?

• Commit yourself to gaining a better understanding of how effectively using social media can literally propel your practice into the stratosphere, if managed properly. Just because you may not think it is important does not necessarily makes it so.

Trending Upward

When it comes to making positive changes in our lives, I often think of the saying, “If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.”