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Ad Sizes

Attorney at Law Magazine® offers a variety of advertising opportunities to its clients. For traditional advertising, we offer our clients a bonus. In addition to our printed magazine, which is delivered directly to attorneys and legal professionals in a given market, we also create a digital edition of each issue. This digital edition is available on our website and distributed through email to a wider list of readers. With this eco-friendly digital edition, advertisers are viewed by a larger audience.

Every advertiser appears in both the print and digital version of the magazine. We offer a variety of sizes. Above are our available advertising sizes. For information on rates please contact your local publisher or our corporate office at (480) 219-9716 or



As a bonus to our printed magazine, Attorney at Law Magazine® offers the Interactive Digital Edition. All advertisers in our printed edition are added to the digital edition automatically. With this digital format, we offer advertisers many upgrade options. Below is a list of possible upgrades that the advertiser may want to include in their digital advertisement. For information on the rates, please call 480-219-9716 or email

Upgrades to Existing Advertisements in Digital Edition

Call-Back Card

We will add a ringing red phone to your advertisement. When the reader hovers over the icon, a form will appear. The reader will fill-in the form and send it directly back to you.

Full Page Ad Link

This will turn your full-page advertisement into a link. If the reader clicks anywhere on the page, then they will be redirected to the website of your choice.

Slide Show

We can take one of the images in your add and turn it into a loop of images. This movement will attract attention to your advertisement.


We can add either a pop-up or embedded video into your advertisement. This interactive advertisement upgrade allows you to talk directly to your clients.


We can add a voice over or music to your advertisement. This will allow another dimension of interaction with your brand.

Blow-In Card

This unique, two-sided advertisement can be added anywhere in the magazine. Its unique shape draws attention to the reader. With all the power of a full page, which they must turn, this advertisement can capture your market message in a unique way.


Website Banner Advertisements

In addition to our digital edition, Attorney at Law Magazine® has advertising opportunities on our website. For more information on banner ad availability, please contact our corporate office at (480) 219-9716 or

Banner Ad Sizes*

  •  160 x 600
  •  300 x 330

*All banner ads on our Attorney Directory are available to purchase directly. Please click here to see options & rates.



Ad Sizes

Spread 16.5″ X 10.875″
Full Page (no bleed) 7.375″ X 9.875″
Full Page (bleed) 8.375″ x 10.875″
Trim to: 8.125″ x 10.625″
Live area: 7.375″ X 9.875″
2/3 Vertical 4.765″ X 9.875″
1/2 Page Vertical 4.765″ X 7.375″
1/2 Page Horizontal
 7.375″ X 4.765″

1/3 Page Square 4.765″ X 4.78″
1/3 Page Vertical 2.283″ X 9.875″
1/4 Page Vertical 3.5″ X 4.765″
1/4 Page Horizontal 4.765″ X 3.75″
Business Card Horizontal 4.765″ X 2.375″
Business Card Vertical 2.375″ X 4.765″

Ad Sizes

All Advertisements must be submitted camera-ready.

Final Trim Size: 8.125” X 10.625”
Binding: Saddle Stitched
Paper Stock: 70 lb. gloss text
Line Screen: 175

Preferred File Format: Press optimized, Acrobat PDF/X-1a compliant files are the preferred format for final artwork.

Graphics: Images must be 300ppi or greater and saved in a TIFF format.

 For more information about our products, click here.

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