Feature Story Nominations

Among the editorial of the magazine, Attorney at Law Magazine features several attorneys and law firms in the magazine each month. In addition to the Attorney of the Month, the magazine features law firms and other attorneys in inside features and profiles.

The Selection Process

Firstly, neither a lawyer nor a law firm can purchase their way into the magazine. All attorney and law firm features are selected through this process. The attorneys and firms that appear in this magazine are the result of nominations from the legal community and verification through our vetting process. Only those attorneys and firms that are nominated and later approved by our editorial board are admitted into the pages of this magazine.

All attorneys and firms are profiled in the magazine at no cost. Nominees may choose to upgrade their profile for marketing purposes following their acceptance. But again, neither a lawyer nor a law firm may pay to become featured in this magazine.

The Nomination Process
Understanding that the legal community is unique to itself, Attorney at Law Magazine takes nominations for the best of the best from the lawyers within that local community, the attorney must be a licensed, practicing attorney. To maintain the integrity of the process, we only accept nominations in which the nominator identifies him or herself and will not accept nominations in which the lawyer nominates him or herself.

We currently accept nominations via our website; from our digital magazine; from our previously award feature story honorees; and from lawyers we meet in the field. We encourage all attorneys to participate and nominate the men, women and firms they see as the crème de la crème.

As soon as a nomination is received it is submitted to our editorial board. At that point, online research is done to eliminate any attorneys who do not meet the basic requirements, including:

  • A minimum of 10 years of active practice in the local legal community.
  • No disciplinary action.
  • No negative feedback online from previous clients or associates.
  • A strong track record in their practice.
  • An active interest in the legal community, involvement in local organizations, particularly on an elected or appointed basis.
  • A record of recognition from the local legal community, including awards and other honors.
  • Active interest in the community as a whole through participation in nonprofits and pro bono work.


After the conclusion of the online research, the editorial board in cohorts with the local publisher will reach out to other attorneys – not associated with the nominee – to discuss the candidate. To be considered for the cover, the nominee must receive commendation from at least five well-respected attorneys. To be considered for an inside feature, the nominee must receive commendation from at least three well-respected attorneys.

We take the quality of our magazine very seriously, believing it to be a reflection of the local legal community itself. We are honored to profile the best and the brightest of the community and to share the stories of the region’s top talent.

Feature Story Nomination Form

To nominate an attorney or law firm for a feature story in Attorney at Law Magazine, please complete the below form. All nominations will be submitted to our editorial board for consideration.