LA Attorney Toni Jaramilla Featured in Workplace Sexual Harassment Documentary, ‘Nevertheless’

“Nevertheless,” which is slated to be released in 2019, examines the social, legal, historical and masculinity aspects of the workplace sexual harassment crisis in America.

Los Angeles attorney Toni Jaramilla was interviewed about sexual harassment law and was chosen, she said, “Because of my expertise and many years of experience practicing since 1994, litigating sexual harassment cases.”

Moreover, she was chosen for this documentary project due to her assisting in legislative work at the Capitol on laws inspired by the #MeToo movement. During the on-camera interview for “Nevertheless,” Jaramilla was asked about new laws and about what an employee should do when she feels she’s being sexually harassed.

The film follows people like Jaramilla in the frontline battle on Capitol Hill fighting to change laws and practices. Organizations may request a screening of “Nevertheless”.