2nd Quarter IADC Defense Counsel Journal Explores Trending Litigation Issues and Techniques

In deference to the importance of defending the rule of law in today’s hostile political environment, the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC) has published its second quarter 2018 Defense Counsel Journal (DCJ) with instructive articles on trending litigation issues and techniques ranging from “Lone Pine” orders to “litigation tourism” to “slack fill litigation.”

The DCJ issue is available for free at https://www.iadclaw.org/publications-news/defensecounseljournal/.

“The increasing rash of accusations of fake news by politicians from all levels of governments around the world and by media talking heads appears to be weakening the people’s confidence in the rule of law. … Defending the virtues of the rule of law is more vital now than it has ever been,” writes Michael Franklin Smith, DCJ editor and shareholder at McAffee & Taft in Tulsa, Okla.

The IADC is the preeminent global legal organization for attorneys who represent corporate and insurance interests.