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Own an Edition of Attorney at Law Magazine®, and publish your own niche, business-to-business trade publication. Our glossy, full-color magazine is created for the private practice legal community. Since our publication is delivered directly to the target audience, we present advertisers with a unique and exciting opportunity.

If you visualize being in business for yourself, not by yourself, if you’re ready to be your own boss and set your own hours, if you’re a motivated self-starter, then join our team.

We invite you to call us at (480) 219-9716 or email us at to investigate available markets and launch your new career path today!

Target Market Media Publishing, LLC is a unique company focused on niche media and marketing. The company goal is to provide effective solutions to our customers by helping them reach very specific professional clients. Our company roots date back to 1994 and the formation of ADKP Media, a marketing consultant company that published the real estate trade publication, “Broker Agent Magazine.” The company is a privately owned corporation specializing in the publication of monthly, bi-monthly, short run, regionally focused, controlled circulation, professional, business-to-business, industry trade publications. We are an entrepreneurial company made up of people who thrive on innovation and progress. You will join a group of individuals driven by over twenty years of experience in this industry.

Attorney At Law Magazine®

Attorney at Law Magazine® is a glossy, full-color magazine for and about private practice attorneys. The franchisee does not need to worry about selling subscriptions; our magazine is delivered through the power of controlled circulation. Your readers will receive complimentary copies of the magazine. Since we deliver the magazine directly to the target readership, we are able to give advertisers the power to reach their TARGET MARKET!

What does Target Market Media Publishing, LLC provide its franchisees?

For the Creation & Circulation of Your Magazine

  • The production & design of your magazine
  • A 4-color glossy print edition and an interactive digital edition
  • A CASS certified mailing list for your market
  • A professionally designed email template for the digital distribution of your magazine

The Tools to Manage Your Business

  • QuickBooks company files
  • A comprehensive magazine management software system that combines sales, production and billing in one place

Training, Support & Marketing

  • 5-day comprehensive training class
  • Franchise Manual
  • On-going Conference Calls & Support from our Market Development Manager and other staff
  • Media kit material
  • Attorney at Law Magazine designed folders
  • Custom designed contracts
  • All editorial, photographer, model and videographer release forms
  • Design of your Attorney at Law business card
  • Samples of other magazine editions to use for marketing purposes
  • Customized house ads
  • Marketing brochures and flyers
  • Access to the Attorney at Law Magazine Online Business Center
  • Access to the Attorney at Law Magazine File Sharing System
  • Access to a catalogue of marketing, sales and proposal letters
  • A press pass to help gain access to networking events

Editorial Material & Virtual Presence

  • A National Library of Updated Editorial Articles
  • Growing Library of Stock Photography and Images
  • Editors & Proofreaders
  • An official webpage for your local edition of Attorney at Law Magazine

Not A Traditional Business…

Trade magazines are printed with the intention of marketing to a specific industry or type of business. As the publication is trade specific, most of the content of the magazine will be relevant to the readership. The information, articles, testimonials and news will be on topics which relate directly to their field.

Since the magazines are marketed at a particular trade, the advertising in the magazine is a little bit more focused as well. Advertisers are very good at choosing appropriate mediums for their products and services. Trade journals typically contain heavy advertising content focused on the industry in question.

The advantage of the advertising done in trade magazines is its level of credibility. In a study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of American Business Media, 57% of respondents said they acted on an ad they saw in such publications. Harris surveyed 588 executives in various industries and all of them read B2B magazines. People believe that these magazines are more informative or reliable than your average magazine. This allows them to place a greater emphasis on the information the magazine is telling them, including the products and services the journal offers in the form of advertisement.


The Benefits of Independent Trade Magazines:

  • Guaranteed circulation
  • Knowledge of reader
  • Industry-specific, pertinent content
  • Unique opportunity for advertisers
  • No agenda, so content is based on reader feedback
  • No subscription sales

Not a Traditional Magazine…

Why the Legal Profession?
With all the possibilities open to a trade magazine, why did Attorney at Law Magazine® select the legal field? The answer is simple: It is the recession-proof profession. In good times or bad, attorneys are working hard and billing out their hours. It is the one profession that is not easily affected by the ups and downs of the market.

Industry-Specific Advertisers
As in all industry trade publications, Attorney at Law Magazine® benefits from the companies and individuals that offer services & products to attorneys. Law firms are the target of many companies, which market specifically to the legal community: court reporters, legal staffing, forensic accountants, legal marketing consultants and many others. In addition to the legal-specific advertisers, there are many different companies that market to the business world in general: IT services, shredding services, commercial leasing offices and others.

These advertisers appreciate the opportunity to target attorneys specifically. They look for mediums that cater to attorneys, so they can get the most for their money.

Luxury Advertisers
In addition to the industry & business advertisers, attorneys attract another level of advertisers. Attorneys are generally members of a higher socio-economic class, and as such, they attract the interest of luxury advertisers. These are the people who are looking to sell high-end vehicles, jewelry, suits and fine dining.

Not just Advertising to Lawyers, but For Lawyers
Lawyers are the type of professionals who build their business on their reputation, so the sophisticated marketing offered in our magazine is perfect for their field. The third party endorsed, cost effective products and services we offer attorneys can help them market themselves. Our products give them the opportunity to share their expertise with their fellow attorneys, prompting referrals. They can also use the products as a collateral marketing tool for their clients.

This isn’t a traditional magazine. You aren’t making money by selling subscriptions. This is a business that goes beyond the 4-color glossy pages of our magazine. This is the opportunity to offer sophisticated marketing solutions to the legal community. The display advertising in our publication is a great way for advertisers to target attorneys. The solutions we offer the attorneys themselves, however, go beyond the magazine.

Attorney at Law Magazine® is not just confined to the pages of a single issue. Attorneys appreciate the cost-effective marketing solutions that we can create for them. With the power of a professional trade magazine, we can endorse an attorney by featuring them in the magazine or publishing their articles. A third party endorsement from such a publication validates the attorney’s abilities and knowledge in the eyes of fellow attorneys and in the eyes of potential clients.

Unique Products

Feature Story

Our feature story product highlights an attorney’s abilities. With a professional writer, a professional photo shoot and the innovative design work of Target Market Media Publishing, LLC, each attorney is given a strong marketing tool. This feature is mailed to every private practice attorney in the market. With the advent of our digital rights upgrade, attorneys can use their feature story in various formats. Place the feature and their “award” on their website, e-mail it to potential and current clients and turn it into a brochure. The possibilities are endless.

Video Interview

Our feature story video interview package takes stereotypical legal commercials and brings them into the 21st Century. With this sophisticated video, attorneys can increase their Search Engine Optimization and Google ranking. Not only does this product make attorneys more visible online, it converts viewers into clients. This video is produced by a professional videographer and conducted like an interview with the magazine. Give your attorneys the chance to talk about their talents without the sales pitch.

Education-Based Marketing Opportunity

Our education-based marketing opportunity gives all contributing editors a chance to be branded as the expert in their specific field. As the contributing editor for a particular field, the readers of the magazine will begin to associate that individual with that field. Since many attorneys gain new clients through referrals, our magazine offers a great opportunity. As Attorney at Law Magazine® brands them as an “expert” or “specialist” in their practice area, an attorney can garner more clients through referrals. Additionally, the attorney is given full digital rights to their article. They can place it on their website, add it to their status on LinkedIn and promote themselves to clients directly.

Interactive Digital Feature Story

Technology is an unstoppable force, which Attorney at Law Magazine® has embraced. The same tool we use to produce our digital edition has been harnessed to create an interactive, animated marketing piece that brings our clients’ websites to life. While a PDF of a designed feature story is a great third-party endorsement, we have gone one step further. With this product we offer clients upgrades like video, voice-over, customized digital advertising, covers and many more.

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