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Baron & Budd Expands Expertise in Fraud, Qui Tam, Antitrust and Third-Party Payor Litigation

The national law firm of Baron & Budd P.C. announced today that Washington, D.C.-based attorneys Scott Simmer, Andrew Miller, and Thomas Poulin will join the firm. The addition of these attorneys will expand Baron & Budd’s expertise in fraud, qui tam, antitrust and third-party payor litigation, as well as strengthen the firm’s health care and government fraud practice areas.

Simmer founded the Simmer Law Group in 2014. Along with partners Miller and Poulin, he represents False Claims Act whistleblowers as well as IRS and SEC whistleblowers who have filed claims alleging that fraud financially impacted state and federal governments in the areas of health care, for-profit education and government contracting. The team also represents private health insurance plans in large scale recovery actions under RICO and state consumer fraud/deceptive trade practices statutes.

“Scott Simmer is an outstanding attorney and I am pleased to welcome him and his team to Baron & Budd,” said President and Managing Shareholder, Russell Budd. “This team brings a strong record of success pursuing complex litigation which closely aligns with the breadth and scope of Baron & Budd’s existing practice areas. As one team, the firm will be able to offer highly-specialized litigation services and we will expand our legal experience related to fraud, qui tam, antitrust and third-party payor litigation.”

Simmer (who will join Baron & Budd as a Shareholder), Miller and Poulin bring more than 60 years of combined experience investigating and prosecuting multiple precedent-setting fraud and abuse cases on behalf of whistleblowers and private payors. Some of their more notable victories include representing both of the whistleblowers in a 2015 federal settlement for $125 million with drug maker Warner Chilcott for claims of kickback violations; securing a $69.2 million judgment on behalf of a group of third party payors after a three-week trial against Mylan Labs for an anti-competitive scheme to exclude competitors; and a 2017 $16 million settlement against defense contractor Atlantic Diving Supply, the second-largest Small Business Administration FCA settlement to date.

“After working with Baron & Budd on several recent cases, we came to realize that there are significant synergies to be gained by combining our practice with theirs,” said Simmer. “We are confident they are the right partner to help us continue to grow our practice and further our mission of helping whistleblowers hold corporations and other entities accountable for their fraud and abuse.”

Simmer, Miller and Poulin will continue to operate in their Washington, D.C. offices in the Watergate. Baron & Budd also has offices around the country in Dallas, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, Austin, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

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