Advocating Accolades

Advocating Accolades

Computing Source Supports a New Charity Every Month

By Chris Haigh

This month we sat down with our contributing editor, Mark St. Peter, the CEO and managing director of Computing Source. While we were certain he knew his way around technology, we soon learned there’s much more to this man than meets the eye.

St. Peter told us it all started with a box – a banker’s box, that is. Law firms know them well, as they are often stacked to the ceilings during trial preparation. Computing Source also knows them well, since it has been doing business as a one-stop litigation support team for over 10 years of the firm’s 13 year history.

In between business-as-usual, however, St. Peter and the Computing Source team have lives and goals that reach outside of their legal tasks. The intersection of those lives and goals led to a re-invention of the banker’s box.

One life-changing event that St. Peter doesn’t share right away is his own battle with cancer. When he does open up, he admits he will never forget the feeling of uncertainty that comes with the battle, and the uncertainty he lives with to this day. St. Peter and his team now set out to assist in the fight against cancer. Last October, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Computing Source flagged a percentage of the month’s revenue to do just that: fight breast cancer.

Enter Chad Heilig, one of St. Peter’s senior account executives in their Chicago office. Heilig wanted to raise awareness of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month among Computing Source customers, as well as raise funds to contribute to the cause. Thus, the pink banker’s box was born.

With hundreds of pink boxes delivered throughout the month of October, Computing Source began the Pink Box Campaign—Fighting Cancer One Box at a Time initiative. And with pink boxes landing on law firm doorsteps, awareness – and attention to the cause – was immediate.

According to Computing Source, the legal community was overwhelmingly supportive of this “out of the box” initiative. The support was so great that St. Peter realized he and his team had the opportunity to help more than one month a year and for more than one important cause. “Our team is deeply committed to giving back to the communities in which we live, work and play, and each of us has different charitable causes that are important to us,” said St. Peter. “Our goal quickly transformed into a way to give back to a wide variety of initiatives, and to do so consistently each month of the year.”

In short order, the Giving Back One Month at a Time campaign was born. Each month, Computing Source donates a percentage of its revenue to charities that its employees and clients select. Beneficiaries have included Toys for Tots, the Humane Society, Boy Scouts of America, the American Cancer Society and many more.

“So far, we have been able to support breast cancer research, give nearly a thousand children an exciting holiday, and help some amazing animals find loving, forever homes through our fundraising program,” said St. Peter. “And I can’t say enough about how much it brings our team – and our clients – together.”