An Interview With Augusta Bar Association President Troy Lanier

Troy Lanier

Troy Lanier, a member of the Augusta Bar Association since 1992, was sworn in as president Jan. 15, 2017. A solo practitioner, this Lincolnton, Georgia, native specializes in injury and estate litigation.

Troy Lanier sat down with Attorney at Law Magazine publisher Lew Landon to discuss the association’s plans for the upcoming year.

AALM: Will the Augusta Bar Association celebrate Law Day again this year?

Lanier: Yes, we celebrate Law Day every year. Aimee Sanders is our Law Day chairperson this year. We will host a banquet May 8. We have local lawyers speaking at high schools, a poster contest, an essay contest, and other activities. The goal of Law Day is to celebrate the role of law in society. We attempt to foster a deeper understanding by the public of the legal profession, the value of law in our society, and all the ways the legal system benefits our society.

AALM: Is your annual golf tournament also on the docket for 2017?

Lanier: Yes, our annual Mulherin Plaid Golf Tournament will be held in the fall. Garon Muller is our tournament committee chairperson. We are currently working on a date and location for the event. Last year, we had approximately 55 players and raised approximately $5,500 for the Lydia Project here in Augusta, which provides services to women battling cancer.

AALM: Tell me about your monthly lunches.

Lanier: We attempt to have at least one Augusta Bar function every month. Our luncheons are held at the Pinnacle Club on Board Street, and we usually have speakers on issues that affect lawyers, and the Augusta community in general. For example, we have had speakers on the expansion of Plant Vogtle, Cyber Command at Fort Gordon, and the activities of the State Bar of Georgia.

Our goal is to promote professionalism and collegiality. We take a lot of pride in the collegiality of the Augusta Bar Association, and the activities of our association help us establish and maintain relationships among the members, including lawyers and judges. Fostering these positive relationships not only allows us to provide better conflict resolution services to our clients, but it also makes the practice of law a lot more pleasant.

In an age when so much of our communication is done electronically, it is not as easy to establish and maintain these personal relationships among our members. Our monthly luncheons, and our other events, provide the opportunity to put a name with a face.

AALM: Does the association offer a chance to earn CLE credits?

Lanier: Every December, we hold a day long continuing education seminar. The event is usually held at the Savannah Rapids Pavilion. The seminar this year will be organized by Keith Johnson. This past December, we had about a dozen speakers who wrote papers on a variety of topics, and presented the papers at the seminar. Topics for discussion often include professionalism and ethics, and it’s usually an opportunity to earn six or seven hours of CLE credit.